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Good techniques are the fundamental tools to performing all major skills in sports

Teaching fundamental techniques is essential to later success in running. Many injuries in sports especially running have been traced to poor mechanics.

Introducing Legit Coaching progam

Legit Running Coach infuses motion analysis technology to carefully examine running techniques and provide intervention training programs to improve an athlete’s form.


The coaching program is rooted in teaching fundamental skills of running. This primary goal is to reinforce good technique with efficient workouts and to provide intervention drills to eliminate poor mechanics. The motion analysis technology provides an in-depth view of a runner’s technique.

To reach an elite level, biomechanics and understanding proper technique is imperative.

Legit Running Coach strives to discover the talent during the early stages of running and to provide up-and-coming athletes encouragement and vital skills for future elite performance.

The grassroot program is geared toward teaching fundamental running skills for beginner runners of all ages. The remedial program focuses on modifying the running techniques of experienced runners. The goal is to eradicate inefficient running form before they become a catalyst for injury and poor race performance.

Legit running is an experienced former elite athlete as well as the previous coach of successful athletes of all levels, including runners from the U.S.A., Kenya, Nigeria, and various Caribbean countries.


  • Technique analysis to find specific strengths and weaknesses in running form.
  • Reviewing the findings and results of the running analysis with every runner.
  • Discussing appropriate intervention programs to eliminate bad habits and improve running technique.
  • Providing immediate feedback with the aid of technology at every segment of workouts until the terminal stage of technique modification.
  • Channeling the new form into workouts to improve speed and threshold.
  • Emphasizing the process of improving technique which automatically enhances endurance and speed.

**Many coaching programs focus on WHAT to run with little emphasis on HOW to run.

The distance running training program is similar to African distance running regimens.


  • Faster cadence, which means faster turn-over of stride to improve speed.
  • Efficient running drive-off phase, which can lead to higher knee lift and better posture.
  • Longer flying phases in running, which can improve the resting phase and further the athlete’s ground clearance.
  • Efficient landing phases, which can reduce injuries and faster transition to the take-off phases.

These three phases: drive-off phase, flying phase, and resting phase— are vital to the reduction of wasted motions in running, leading to efficient stride length and frequency.

Legit Running Coach guides runners in coping with pressure and anxiety related to training and racing. Runners are taught coping skills for resilience and success.
Training is executed at the runner’s training tolerance and aspirations.

All humans are born to run long and fast due to many millennia of learned survival mechanisms. Humans still hold this same capability in this modern age.

If you like this modern approach of coaching various levels of running, join Legit Running Coach to realize your full potential.

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